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Shanghai is the largest city in China, as such, there is a huge amount of things to do and see. This vibrant city is well known for its stunning skyline, and there is no shortage of ways to see this.

Firstly, you can spend an evening taking a cruise along the Huangpu River, and marvel at the illuminated city skyline. Alternatively, if you feel like a change of perspective then maybe you would prefer a bird’s-eye view from the top of the World Financial Center. The Sky Walk in this building is the world’s highest observatory, which gives you a view of the skyline from over 1,500ft up. Similarly, if you want to enjoy the view with a meal, you can visit the revolving restaurant at The Oriental Pearl TV Tower for a 360-degree view while you enjoy the stunning Chinese cuisine.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is actually the best way to get to the city from the airport. The magnetic-levitation (MagLev) train raches speeds of 267 mph, and the journey takes only 8 minutes. The train does not appeal to some, but it surely beats being stuck in traffic.

The food in Shanghai is one of the highlights, and one of the best place to try delicious local cuisine is Jishi. This is a great choice for people of all tastes, from adventurous eaters who want to try local delicacies, to those who prefer a taste of the familiar. This is a great location to sample the fine food that Shanghai is known for. Similarly, some of the finest dumplings in the area come from a restaurant called Din Tai Fung. It may be a restaurant chain, but the food delivers.

On top of these attractions, there are various cultural sites including the Shanghai Museum, and Fuxing Park. The park is a welcome patch of lush greenery tucked in the city, and a beautiful location to explore.


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